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The Spring Rush Begins!

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Take a deep breath; on your mark, get set, go!  It's April, and that means a flurry of activity at ABC Elementary School.  The spring is traditionally a very busy time.  Currently we are in the midst of our annual state assessments.  The students are working quite hard on the Stanford Achievement Test, Alabama Reading and Mathematics Test, and the Alabama Science Assessment.  Testing will end on April 9, 2009.

There are a number of activities on the calendar for this spring.  They include a spelling bee, music festival, AMSTI Night, and an art festival.  There will also be award's day programs and graduations. Busy, busy, busy!

In the midst of all of the activity, academics are still top priority.  The teachers and students are working hard to teach and learn the final skills needed to prepare for the next grade, and reviewing previously taught skills.  AMSTI lessons in science and math and Scott Foresman reading are still going strong.

ABC Elementary School is busily striving for excellence in all areas.  We hope that some of you will come join the excitement!