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Away We Go!

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Time is really moving!  ABC Elementary is entering the third month of the school year and approaching the end of the first nine weeks.  There have been lots of positive things happening during this first grading period.  ABC Elementary School held Back-to-School-Night, introduced a new incentive program, and welcomed new student council members.  Parent volunteers have been working hard to help teachers and students on a regular basis.  The students have learned about money, balance, motion, character traits, decimals, and so much more.  This is a busy place!

ABC has no plans to slow down.  Teachers will continue to use AMSTI, our math and science program, to provide high-quality, research-based math and science instruction.  Scott Foresman will be used to continue to strengthen reading and writing skills.  This month will also feature extra-curricular/parenting activities such as the coronation, Parenting Day, and PTA.  We are on the move!