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Off and Running

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It’s October already! The school year is moving along rapidly. It’s hard to believe it, but soon it will be time for Thanksgiving and Christmas vacation!

Things have been moving along smoothly atABCElementary School. Our students are engaged in active learning and fun extension activities. There have been a number of exciting units taught. Students have made models of cells and habitats and explored motion using balls and ramps. There have also been a number of extracurricular activities. The Sixth Grade Gentlemen’s Club began and grades 3 through 6 attended the Native American Festival in Moundville. Busy! Busy! Busy!

ABC does not plan to slow down anytime soon. Our academic schedule is jam-packed with learning and enrichment activities in a variety of areas. The 2012-2013 after-school tutoring program will begin this month, and the first PTA meeting and Parenting Day are rapidly approaching. ABC is a school on the move!