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Holiday Learning Tips
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Wednesday, December 05, 2018
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     During long breaks from school students can be hit by what’s called, “Brain Drain.” This means that they lose some of their learning while they’re out of school for the holidays. You can help prevent “brain drain” by making sure that your child still practices reading and math skills during their break. Here are some suggestions:

v Read to or with your child for 20 minutes each day. This is a great time to start a chapter book like Charlotte’s Web or Sounder.

v Create greeting cards for friends and family members.

v If you’re taking a long car ride, listen to books on cd and read along.

v Make a holiday dish together (Reading & math at the same time!)

v While traveling look for colors, numbers, or letters

v Spell words round robin style in the car where each person has to say the next letter in the word


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