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Cynthia Pettway Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
First Grade


I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education from Concordia College in Selma, Alabama.


My experience includes 11 years with the Wilcox County Board of Education as a teacher's aide and currently, 13 years as a classroom teacher. 


My name is Cynthia M. Pettway.  I am a First Grade teacher at ABC Elementary School.  This is my fifth year teaching.  I live in Boykin, Alabama with my husband Frank Pettway and our youngest daughter Trinity.  I have 1 adult daughter, Chiqueeta Pettway and 4 adult sons, Demetrius, John, Cedrick, and Frank, Jr.,  who are out on their own and doing very well for themselves in the work force. 

I am a member of Pleasant Grove M. B. Church, Boykin, AL, where I serve as Youth Director, a member of the program committee and a choir member. 

I enjoy teaching because "Little People" are my life.  They bring joy to me, especially when I witness their faces lighting up when they learn one new concept or skill. Witnessing learning in children just fills my heart.

Just recently (April 5, 2012), I received WAKA CBS 8 Golden Apple Award. 



Just before Spring Break (school term 2012-2013),  I was nominated Teacher of the Year at ABC Elementary.

On May 22, 2013, I received a Recognition of Honor as Wilcox County's Teacher of the Year on the Elementary Level.